Marc Lancet is the coauthor of Japanese Wood-fired
Ceramics. His work is in numerous collections, including The
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Center of Shigaraki, Japan; The
International Ceramic Center, Skaelskor, Denmark, the United
States Embassy in Estonia, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco,
the Fluxus+ Museum in Potsdam, Germany and the Ceramic Art
Museum of Berlin.
      Lancet was the featured contemporary ceramic artist in the
exhibition Mesocosmos: Ceramics and Ikebana at the Ceramic
Art Museum of Berlin in 2015, where he also presented the
performance art piece “Nichinichi kore koujitsu” (Day by day it’s
a good day.) and the conceptual art project “Fairtrade 6 Berlin”.
He presented the opening lecture for the International Ikebana
Conference in Potsdam, Germany. In Denmark the following
week he was featured in the five person international exhibition
“Ceramic Paradise” and led a panel on Education and Wood-fire
for the 2nd European Wood-fire Conference.
      The Museum Fluxus+ in Potsdam, Germany featured Lancet’
s two person exhibition with the German artist Sabine Turpeinen
in Summer 2012. Lancet collaborated with Ikebana master
Nicolaus Peters in a Fluxus art performance titled Ichigo Ichiei
(This moment, like no other) in addition to presenting
workshops and lectures. Lancet led two master classes for the
Keramikshule in Landshut, Germany.
      Lancet traveled to Shanghai and Jingdezhen, China in 2011
to present exhibitions, workshops, lectures and book signings in
celebration of the publication of the Chinese language edition of
Japanese Wood-fired Ceramics.
      Lancet’s work appears in Clay and Glazes for the Ceramic
Artist by Rhodes and Hopper, Hands in Clay by Speight and
Toki, Functional Pottery by Hopper, Ceramic Extruder for the
Studio Potter by Conrad, and Raku, A Practical Approach by
Brafman. His writing and art have been published in Ceramics
Monthly, Ceramics: Art and Persception, Keramik, Ceramics
Technical, Clay Times, The Log Book and Turning Wheel.
      In Estonia for July 2011 Lancet was the U.S. representative
to the Kohila International Ceramic Symposium. Lancet joined
12 artists from around the world for the symposium, an
international gathering of artists to create work, wood-fire and
exhibit together for the month of July, 2010.
      In 2001, Lancet was an invited artist in England and
Denmark. At the Gillingham School in Gillingham, England he
codirected a public art project with Alyson Diggle involving art
students and local artists which has been honored with a
national award for best artist-in-residency in England for 2001.
At the International Ceramic Center in Skaelskor, Denmark,
Lancet exhibited his participatory installation “100 Views of
Home” in the center’s Apfel Haus Gallery. During his five week
residency Lancet created sculptures and ceramic vessels, fired
their unique wood kiln and presented workshops.
      Lancet was an inaugural invited artist at The Shigaraki
Ceramic Cultural Park in July, 1992. In Miharu, Japan in 1992 he
began his collaboration with ceramic artist Masakazu Kusakabe
which has included exhibitions, workshops, lectures, kiln
building and the writing of “Japanese Wood-fired Ceramics”.
For six months of 1991 Lancet created sculpture as an artist-in-
residence at Gladding, McBean & Co., one of America’s few
remaining large-scale architectural terra cotta manufacturers.
He was surrounded by kilns larger than football fields and
industrial processes capable of producing building facades 35
stories tall.
      Lancet is in his thirtieth year as professor of three-
dimensional art at Solano Community College. He has been a
visiting professor of sculpture at Portland State University and
at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He exhibits and
teaches internationally.
      Lancet holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and a
Master of Arts degree in Education from UCSB. In addition he
has studied at L'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts,
Paris, France and apprenticed in fine art casting at a foundry
also in Paris. He lives in Davis, California, with his wife Annette
and his daughter Evan.  
Artist Biography
There is no past. There is
only the present illuminated
by the wise smile of the past.

-Ossip Zadkine,
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