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The focus of my work has been increasingly centered on studio
process. I can not apply wonder and mystery to a work like a coat
of paint. Rather if I work with wonder and mystery in the studio -
with an inspired attention - then often the works I create are
imbued with these qualities. I seek paradoxically to surprise
myself when I work. I avoid over planning in favor of discovery. I
trust instinct, celebrate whim and discourage certainty.  I bring to
the studio my own fascination with the "complex, dynamic
cultural forces" and a trust that these interests will emerge in the
work without my forcing them. I go to the studio to discover
rather than to work out some pre-ordained plan. I endeavor to
create sculpture in which conceptual integrity and sculptural
attributes are intertwined, inseparable. I continue to work with the
human figure and a wide range of materials and methods.
By resonance I mean the power of the displayed object to reach
out beyond its formal boundaries to a larger world, to evoke in
the viewer the complex, dynamic cultural forces from which it has
emerged and for which it may be taken by a viewer to stand. By
wonder I mean the power of the displayed object to stop the
viewer in his or her tracks, to convey an  arresting sense of
uniqueness, to evoke an exalted attention.
-Resonance and Wonder
Stephen Greenblatt, from Exhibiting Cultures